Nick Ramm keys, composition
Ben Davis cello
Dave Price percussion
Finn Peters alto sax
Oren Marshall tuba

Nick Ramm has composed and produced this colourful and uplifting album containing ten tracks of circus-inspired themes from a fantastic all-embracing line-up called Clown Revisited. "The upcoming CD Flashes Of A Normal World captures the originality of a high-wire performer and composer fully deserving of our attention" said Selwyn Harris of Jazzwise. After the opening 'Samba Mal Au Dos', an Afro-Peruvian groove, we hear the vaudeville harmonies evoked in 'Nico'. Also found on the disc is a cha-cha-cha, medieval hip hop, a quick frenzied clown dance and a slow piece with a never-ending melody. Jack Sims (Ex-Men) reads his poem and adds his voice on a revamped 'There Are Many Ways', a work which, performed by the F-IRE big band, opened the 2004 BBC Jazz awards ceremony at Hammersmith Palais (where the F-IRE Collective received the award for 'Innovation') and was also played by 'The Future Sounds Of Jazz' at the Royal Festival Hall.

The original inspiration for the project came from two trips to the circus in Denmark and Holland where Nick played in the house band accompanying acrobats, magicians, trapeze artists, jugglers, contortionists and, of course, clowns. “The clown music was so hip! They would bring along their own parts and we had to sit there and play this crazy music while following their steps,” says Nick, “There's something about the turn of phrase in clown music which always makes you think again.” On his return to London, Nick wrote the music which is through-composed with large chunks allocated for improvisation. When the time was right, he assembled a group of musicians known for their playing skills and for their ability to read. Several of the tracks on the album are recordings of the very first time they ever played the piece. “I just put the music down in front of them and we recorded it!” says Nick, “This brings real life to the performance.

Much of the genius of the Clown Revisited sound is found in the choice of instruments; Ramm plays piano and a little organ and is joined by former Loose Tubes tuba player Oren Marshall and also by flautist Finn Peters of Jhelisa and Bansuri-fame. Ben Davis plays the cello and has previously performed with Julian Joseph and Mike Westbrook. The percussion maestro is Dave Price who has recently been seen with both Gwyneth Herbert and Aqualung.

The band has performed at The Bridewell Theatre, The Crypt, The Progress Bar, The Spitz, The Royal Albert Hall ('Ignite' lunchtime series), Hyde Park, The Castle Theatre, Bedford and at the Vortex Jazz Club.

With echoes from the 'big top' and a group of musicians to die for, Ramm's album 'Flashes Of A Normal World' is full to the brim with grace and flavour, Selwyn Harris calls the album “..an unfashionably charming and unique debut..”