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Below are listed all the releases from F-IRE artists on the 'in-house' F-IRE label, followed by a list of F-IRE artists releases through other friendly labels and, finally, a list of proposed and forthcoming releases from either category.

artist(s) title cat no. release date
Mark Donlon (solo piano) Ashia F-IRE CD 20 5/11/07
Porpoise Corpus Porpoise Corpus F-IRE CD 19 5/11/07
Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford F-IRE CD 18 Feb 2007
Robert Mitchell/Omar Puente Bridges F-IRE CD 16 Nov 2006
Robert Mitchell (solo piano) Equinox F-IRE CD 15 Sept 2007
Jonathan Bratoëff Quintet Points of Perception F-IRE CD 14 June 2006
Jonny Phillips' Oriole Migration F-IRE CD 13 May 2006
Clown Revisited Flashes of a Normal World F-IRE CD 12 Apr 2006
Katina Kangaris Shine F-IRE CD 11 Oct 2005
Martin France Spin Marvel F-IRE CD 10
July 2005
F-ire Collective F-ire:works vol 2 F-IRE CD 09 Oct 2005
Ezzthetic Ezzthetic ep F-IRE CD 08 Oct 2005
Jonathan Bratoëff Quartet Between Lines F-IRE CD 07 Jun 2005
Justin Quinn's Bakehouse Before I Forget F-IRE CD 06 Feb 2005
Robert Mitchell's Panacea Trust F-IRE CD 05 Sep 2005
Ingrid Laubrock Quintet Forensic F-IRE CD 04 May 2005
Jonny Phillips' Oriole Song for the Sleeping F-IRE CD 03 May 2005
F-ire Collective F-ire:works F-IRE CD 02 Jun 2004
Timeline Know Hope F-IRE CD 01 Jan 2003

from F-IRE Artists on other labels...

artist(s) title cat no. release date
Arthurs/Fairhurst Mesmer Babel BDV 2767 May 2007
Fulborn Teversham Count Herbert II Egg 65CD Feb 2007
Finn Peters Quintet Su-Ling Babel BDV 2664 Sept 2006
Tom Arthurs Squash Recipe Babel BDV 2560 Jan 2006
Julia Biel Not Alone ROCKIT Jun 2005
Acoustic Ladyland Last Chance Disco Babel BDV 2555 May 2005
Polar Bear Held on the Tips of Fingers Babel BDV9612 Mar 2005
Acoustic Ladyland Camouflage
Babel BDV2449
Jun 2004
Polar Bear Dim Lit Babel BDV2444
Apr 2004
Tom Arthurs' Centripede Centripede Babel BDV 2234 Oct 2003
Ingrid Laubrock Sometimes Candid CCD79774
Jun 2001
Afroshock Accommodating Gods CRCD01 1998

future F-IRE releases

artist(s) title cat no. release date
Robert Mitchell (solo piano) Equinox F-IRE Sept 2007
Méta Méta   F-IRE later 2007