Acoustic Ladyland is an electric jazz group that plays dirty rock'n'roll. The Observer Music Monthly tipped them as one of "five incredible acts to watch in 2005" and after the release of their new album Last Chance Disco they created an indelible impression on everybody who heard them.
With a sound that grabs your attention like a smack round the face and holds onto it tight, Acoustic Ladyland have been thrilling audiences with their screaming, voice-like saxophones; raucous, distorted keyboards; sneering punk bass and some of the most astonishing drumming you'll ever hear. They've earnered critical acclaim for their live performances, Last Chance Disco and first single Iggy, from The Guardian through Artrocker to The Fly and beyond, along with regular airplay on XFM (and a live session for the station's new music guru John Kennedy) and a storming appearance on BBC2's "Later".
Acoustic Ladyland's music is an electric mix of distorted melodies and wordless songs about paranoia, anger, heroism and dogs, This music is raw optimism - post-jazz, post-everything. The most important thing about this band is that with their unruly, hard-edged, visceral music, they have become one of the most exciting live acts in any genre. As the Barfly said of Acoustic Ladyland's recent sell-out tour of their venues, they will "make your heart beat that bit quicker and the blood to course that bit faster through your veins". Allow their music to win you over and feel that manic rush of adrenaline, bravado and relief that takes over after being threatened by a guy with wild eyes, a knife and a sweet smile. It's a pretty special and unique feeling, we promise.


Pete Wareham tenor/baritone sax
Tom Cawley keys
Tom Herbert bass
Sebastian Rochford drumkit