ABOUT F-IRE/conceptual framework

F-IRE (Fellowship for Integrated Rhythmic Expression) was named in January 1999 and encompasses a growing community of artists and organizations committed to presentation of Music, Language and Movement with the holistic understanding of their unified source.

Integrated Rhythmic Expression in sound and space serves as a model for closer understanding and co-operation between people of different disciplines within communities. And that through integrated presentation we may learn to comprehend others' modes of expression as parallel to our own, re-integrating our society's rhythms in a way that we may have forgotten was historically unquestioned.

F-IRE is active in promoting quality education and performance in rhythmic arts, also professional training opportunities for rhythmic artists and educators, and support for sectors of the community whose outlook is related to our own.

Our work comes in the form of integrated rhythmic expression: music, language and movement. It is incorrect to suggest that it is a fusion or a synthesis, all conception is made on the level of meaning (intellectual and non-intellectual) and expressed equally through each form. It is our belief and understanding that these forms of expression share the same root, and the working together of enlightened artists from different backgrounds is a natural state, not an experiment or collaboration existing only under special conditions.

Integrated expression is both universal and natural. Integrating the community is also an aim of our work. By creating a shared performance environment where professionals, 'audience', students and teachers all participate, we naturally break down the barriers recently erected between performers and audience - also offering to the community the language created by the artists as a mode for collective communication relevant to our shared lives.